Design process
Design process
Design process

Inspire Your Space

Where do garden design ideas come from?

The following steps are a guide to how we work, although it varies according to the project.

1. Brief

On site meeting to discuss the project and delve into the site. This is followed up with a written brief summarising key points and next steps.

2. Site survey

Depending upon the project, a full survey by a qualified surveyor is recommended.  This is used in conjunction with our own site analysis to inform what is possible and any potential challenges.

3. Master plan design

An initial concept design for review.   This captures the essence of the design and allows for further refinement if required.  These visuals include scaled hand drawn and computer generated 3D models where appropriate. 

4. Tender

The final design is priced. We prepare detailed documents to enable contactors to prepare accurate estimates.  We then review these with you and select the most appropriate.

5. Planting plan and supply

Planting is normally done during Autumn, Winter and Spring months.   For each project we can specify and source plants from reliable suppliers.  We oversee their delivery and planting and return to ensure everything has taken properly.

6. Project Management

Once the project begins we can oversee its implementation, co-ordinating meetings to review progress and ensure it is built to stated specification.

7. Maintenance

To help maintain the quality of the final design, we supply schedules and advice.  We can co-ordinate skilled maintenance partners or liaise with your own.

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