Garden design for slopes, Chiltern Hills, Hertfordshire


Set within the Chiltern Hills this substantial newly built family home called out for a design to reflect the historic landscape in a contemporary way.  This young family wanted a space within which to make memories.  It would also be used to entertain friends and family, a place for people to escape to, and within.

Our approach

The site was dominated by one vista, so we set out to create other memorable views into and out-of, the garden.

We changed the orientation of the garden to overcome the steep slope – 1 in 10m drop– working along the gradient.  This also removed the need for engineered retaining walls throughout the site.

The natural slope was used to full effect to create a vista terrace looking down onto sweeping arcs of grasses.

Additional planting included extending the ancient beech woodland, bringing it closer to the house, creating a controlled clearing for wild deer to pass through.

We also incorporated a garden for shadewith a sunken terrace providing seasonal shelter from the prevailing wind and summer sun.

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